A shot using a lens whose focal length is adjusted during the shot. A zoom shot is not a camera move. When you use a zoom shot you can capture subjects from far away.

Zooms are sometimes used in place of tracking shots, but the differences between the two are significant. A zoom normally ends in a close-up, a zoom-back in a general shot. Both types of shot imply a rapid movement in time and space, and as such create the illusion of displacement in time and space.

A zoom-in picks out and isolates a person or object, a zoom-out places that person or object in a wider context. A zoom shot can be seen, therefore, as voyeurism at its most desirably perfect.

Also, Zoom is a platform where you can conduct live lessons, interviews, meetings and trainings online. You can work on both mobile and tablet devices and computers, either by downloading the application or via the browser. Zoom is a tool for voice or video calls, live lessons, and live lessons from both your mobile devices and computers.

 Zoom was founded in 2011 in partnership with Cisco Systems and WebEx. Among its founders is Eric Yuan, a Chinese-American businessman who is the CEO of the company.

The popular application, which is now used all over the world due to the new type of coronavirus, only started to serve in real terms in 2013, 2 years after its establishment. In May of the same year, the number of users increased to 1 million.