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Turn any video into an engaging interactive experience with Cinema8’s easy to use drag and drop studio, ready to use widget library, customised branding solutions and take advantage of interactive video.

Interactive Videos Have Numerous Tangible Benefits


Higher ROI

Conversion rate increase over traditional videos.


Longer Viewing Times

Increase in viewing times of interactive vs. linear videos.


Higher Click Throughs

Increase of click throughs of interactive vs. linear videos.


Higher Engagement

Engagement increase of interactive vs. linear videos.


Higher Memorability

Memorability improvement of interactive vs. linear videos.


Higher Completion Rates

Increase video completion rate of interactive vs. linear videos.

Cinema8 turns any video into interactive experience

Empower your video content with enterprise-grade hosting, seamless streaming, and built-in monetization.



Satisfied Customers

“During travel restrictions, Cinema8 proved valuable as a tool. Its platform offered straightforward yet complete tools, allowing us to give virtual demonstrations of our solutions in a secure and efficient way.”

Jay Yalung

Art Director, Marketing and E-Commerce - Leica Geosystems North America

“Cinema 8 software engaged and motivated students with 360-degree videos at the Tate Gallery, featuring past student projects. Staff support was responsive and helpful with training. A valuable tool for educational institutions.”

Chi-Ming Tan

Unit Lead Lecturer LCCA - London College of Contemporary Arts

“Cinema8 has been instrumental in compiling all of the videos for a research project on employment for the blind or visually impaired, by offering an easy-to-use web-based platform for building Interactive Videos.”

Sarah Moody

Communications Coordinator - Mississippi State University

“Cinema8 was chosen for its ease of use and ability to create interactive videos through an intuitive interface. The team received great support and reasonable pricing, leading to a renewal of their partnership. Cinema8's support helped them meet project deadlines.”

Michel Sohel

Media Consultant - Eastern Michigan University

A Drag & Drop
No-Code Interaction Design Platform With Unprecedented Features

Interactive Video

Turn normal videos into immersive, interactive, and highly engaging interactive experiences. Branching with native video clicks , image clicks , question answers or without any action ? Conditional or Programatic Branching ? Everything is possible within Cinema8

1000+ Design Elements

A constantly evolving library of ready-to-use plug & play module library with customisation options.

360° Video / VR Capability

Add interactivity elements to 360° videos for mobile, desktop, and VR environments. Engaging 360° videos, ideal for 360 virtual tours, orientation programs, showcasing real estate, exploring touristic destinations, and more.

Drag & Drop, No-Code

Users just drag and drop the elements they want onto the video - a simple, direct and fast process, without any coding involved.

Cinema8 Logo

Comprehensive Video Analytics

Tools to collect, analyse, understand, and act upon the data collected from your audience’s engagement with your interactive videos.

AI / Smart Hotspots & Overlays

Use object & motion detection , object tracking machine learning algorithms to create smart interactive video solutions.

Open Development Environment

Cinema8 widget development architecture & open development environment provides users with exceptional flexibility and a developer-driven ecosystem.

Enterprise Grade Video Streaming

Video CDN, VOD, Live Streaming, 360 Video, OTT, Dynamic Audio/Subtitle management and more with Enterprise Grade security options.

Cinema8 Interactive Video Awards


Push the limits of creativity with our award-winning interactive video platform.

  • 1000+ Design Elements
  • Drag & Drop No-Code
  • AI & Machine Learning
  • 360 / VR Compatible
  • Unlimited Integrations
  • Secure Video Hosting
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Interactive Video’s Advantages Are Clear


  • Limited interaction - play, pause, rewind
  • Low viewer engagement
  • Shorter viewing times
  • Single Call to Action
  • Limited content segmentation
  • Limited viewer data insights

Interactive Video versus Traditional Videos


  • Augmented interaction
  • High viewer engagement
  • Longer viewing times
  • Multiple calls to actions
  • Content segmentation
  • Increased viewer data insights

Cinema8's interactive videos have ultimate versatility

Interactive e-learning
Interactive Films
Interactive films
Video Branching
Video branching
Shoppable Videos
Shopable Interactive Video
Cinema8 Gamification
Interactive Video - E-commerce
360 AR / VR Environments
Interactive Video - AR / VR capability
Marketing & Sales
Interactive Video - Marketing

Frequently Asked Questions

If you don't see an answer to your question, you can send us an email from our contact form.

Cinema8 is a cloud-based interactive video platform that allows users to create, customize, and measure the effectiveness of interactive videos. Users can upload their video content or create new content using its drag-and-drop video editor, which supports various video formats, including linear, 360-degree, and live broadcast videos. Users can add a range of interactive elements such as quizzes, hotspots, branching scenarios, and calls-to-action to create engaging and personalized experiences for viewers. They can customize the interactive elements by changing the appearance, behavior, and positioning of each element. Once the interactive video is ready, users can publish it on their website, social media platforms, or other channels using the embed codes and links provided by Cinema8. The platform provides analytics that show how viewers are engaging with the interactive video, including data on views, duration, and effectiveness of each interactive element. Cinema8's advanced and modern application development interface enables users to develop personalized content. Additionally, with the help of artificial intelligence applications, users can design intelligent business processes within their videos, making it a powerful tool for businesses and individuals looking to create engaging and interactive video content.
Cinema8 is a cloud-based interactive video platform that offers various benefits, including increased viewer engagement, personalization, data insights, ease of use, cost-effectiveness, and versatility. It allows users to create and distribute engaging and personalized video content, with features such as interactive elements, a drag-and-drop interface, and detailed analytics. Cinema8 accelerates the learning process by increasing viewers' screen time through user interaction and provides a new experience to keep the interest alive. It is a versatile and powerful tool for businesses and individuals looking to create engaging and interactive video content.
Cinema8 is a versatile cloud-based interactive video platform that can support various business goals, including marketing and advertising, e-learning, product demos, events, and customer support. With advanced video solutions like video branching, e-commerce, and cinematic/interactive films, businesses can create engaging and interactive video content using the platform's advanced widget library, custom widget development capabilities, artificial intelligence applications, and modern video solutions. Overall, Cinema8 is a powerful and flexible tool for businesses looking to create personalized, engaging, and interactive video content.
Cinema8 is a cloud-based interactive video platform that offers a wide range of interactive elements, making it easy to create engaging videos for various purposes such as e-learning, marketing, and product demos. With its drag-and-drop interface and detailed analytics, Cinema8 provides an easy-to-use platform to create and optimize interactive videos, even for those without prior video editing experience. Cinema8 is versatile, making it a suitable platform for a variety of business needs, and provides dedicated customer support. Additionally, Cinema8 offers infrastructure that integrates with workflows, providing access to thousands of ready-to-use widgets. From simple video branching to sophisticated video games, Cinema8's modern application development infrastructure allows users to create everything they need to produce interactive video content.
Creating interactive videos with Cinema8 is easy and straightforward. After signing up for an account and logging in, users can upload a video file or create a new video using Cinema8's video editor. To add interactive elements, users can click on the "Add Element" button on the toolbar and select the type of element they want to add, such as a quiz or hotspot. They can then customize the element with text, images, and links, and choose how it will behave when viewers interact with it. Once all the interactive elements are added, users can preview and publish the video to their website, social media platforms, or other channels. With Cinema8, no rendering is required, and the process involves drag-and-drop interaction in the creative studio.
Cinema8 offers multiple customization options for users to create personalized and branded interactive videos. Users can add interactive elements such as quizzes, hotspots, and calls-to-action questions to their videos and customize their appearance, behavior, and positioning. Additionally, users can customize their videos by adding branding elements such as color scheme, fonts, and logos. Cinema8 also allows users to customize their video player, including size, controls, and playback options. Detailed analytics and insights are provided by Cinema8 to help users optimize their videos for better performance and ROI. Users can refer to Cinema8's article on customizations for more information.

Cinema8 offers multiple embedding options to suit different needs and platforms:

Embedding Interactive Videos with Javascript API: Cinema8 provides a Javascript API that allows developers to embed interactive videos into their web applications and customize their appearance and behavior.

Responsive iFrame Embeds: Cinema8 also provides responsive iFrame embeds that can be used to embed interactive videos into websites and applications. These embeds are mobile-friendly and automatically adjust to fit the screen size.

SCORM Export for LMS Systems: Cinema8 supports SCORM export for Learning Management Systems (LMS). This allows users to integrate interactive videos into their e-learning courses and track learners' progress and performance.

Iframely Integration with Cinema8: Cinema8 is integrated with Iframely, a provider of embeds for web applications. This integration allows users to easily embed Cinema8 interactive videos into their web applications using Iframely's embeds.

Embedding Interactive Videos with Embedly API: Cinema8 also supports embedding interactive videos using the Embedly API, which provides embeds for websites and applications.

Embedding Cinema8 Interactive Videos on Articulate Storyline: Articulate Storyline is an e-learning authoring tool. Cinema8 allows users to embed interactive videos into Articulate Storyline and track learners' progress and performance.

Embedding Cinema8 Videos on Cinema8 also supports embedding videos on, a popular publishing platform.

Cinema8 support for Oembed and Player.js: Cinema8 supports Oembed, a format for embedding rich media, and Player.js, an open-source HTML5 video player.

Embed Cinema8 Interactive Videos into Thinkific: Thinkific is an e-learning platform. Cinema8 allows users to embed interactive videos into Thinkific and track learners' progress and performance.

Cinema8 provides a range of tools for collecting and analyzing data from your interactive videos. You can see viewer profiles with real data, track how much viewers watch your videos, and use viewer attention maps to develop high-impact educational experiences. You can also receive feedback directly from your audience with advanced assessment and evaluation reports. Additionally, Cinema8 offers export options and API integrations to learn more about your current and potential customers and to boost your marketing ROI.

Cinema8 offers several support options to help users create and manage their interactive videos, including:

Help Center: Cinema8's Help Center provides a comprehensive knowledge base that includes articles, tutorials, and frequently asked questions about using the platform.

Live Chat: Cinema8 offers live chat support to users who need assistance with the platform. You can access the live chat feature by clicking on the "Chat with Us" button on the Cinema8 website.

Email Support: Users can also reach out to Cinema8's support team via email at The support team typically responds to emails within 24 hours.

Phone Support: Cinema8 offers phone support to users who need immediate assistance. You can find the phone number for your region on the Cinema8 website.

Dedicated Account Manager: Enterprise users of Cinema8 have access to a dedicated account manager who can provide personalized support and assistance.

Interactive videos are a type of video content that allows viewers to engage with the content in various ways through the use of interactive elements such as quizzes, hotspots, and calls-to-action. They provide a more engaging and personalized experience for viewers and can be used for various purposes, including e-learning, marketing, and entertainment. Interactive videos can be linear, 360, or live stream format.
Cinema8 provides a variety of interactive elements that can be added to videos to increase viewer engagement and create personalized experiences. These elements include quizzes, hotspots, branching scenarios, calls-to-action, annotations, surveys, interactive images, and forms. Additionally, Cinema8 allows for customization and development of custom interactive elements using its widget development APIs and socket APIs, making the possibilities endless.
Cinema8's interactive videos offer a versatile and powerful tool to support a variety of business goals. Whether it's creating e-learning courses, marketing campaigns, product demos, events, customer support, or employee training, Cinema8 offers a wide range of interactive elements that can be customized and combined to engage viewers, deliver information, and drive results. Additionally, Cinema8's flexible infrastructure allows for easy integration into existing workflows or the development of new business processes within the video.
You can use Cinema8's web-based authoring tool to create interactive videos without any programming skills or any special software. The platform provides a user-friendly interface that allows you to add interactive elements such as clickable buttons, hotspots, quizzes, and branching scenarios to your video content easily. Additionally, Cinema8 also offers a wide range of ready-to-use widgets that you can incorporate into your interactive videos, making the video creation process even more accessible and efficient.
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