Windows Media Video (WMV)

Windows Media Video is a compressed video container format, which is designed for the Internet streaming applications. The full abbreviation of WMV is "Windows Media Video", a compressed video container format built for the Windows Media framework. The file extension of WMV files is .WMV.

Open WMV files on VideoStudio

1.    At first, launch VideoStudio
2.    Choose File > Open
3.    Find the WMV file you wish to open
4.    Select the File(s)
5.    Edit & Save Your File!

Open WMV files in Windows

Compatible with:
Windows 10
Windows 9
Windows 8

VideoStudio opens a wide range of file format, such as:

•    mkv
•    swf
•    3gp
•    avi
•    wmv
•    mov
•    webm
•    mxf
•    m4v
•    mod
•    m2ts