Wide Angle

Wide angle lenses have short focal lengths with respect to the body of the lens. Wide Lens is called a microscope or telescope, especially the large eyepiece prominent field of view.

Because it requires more lenses than a normal eyepiece – especially because of the required edge sharpness – it is heavier and more expensive to manufacture.

Wide Angle

These lenses include more of the subject than a normal lens of the same size at equal distances (away from the subject). Be aware, if you are using a wide angle lens when filmmaking, your subject may appear warped.

Conventional eyepieces have a field of view of about 40 to 45°, while wide-angle eyepieces have a field of view between 55 and 80° (with special designs and more).

This results in a pleasant wide field for the eye, which roughly corresponds to normal vision. However, it can only be reviewed in summary; therefore eye movements are necessary for more precise observations.

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