It is a tool that can record video and audio signals on a tape and project these recorded video and audio signals onto the screen. Television programs, studio recordings are recorded with video and broadcast stream is provided.

These video recordings can be in black and white or in color. While it was black and white until a few years ago, color video recordings have been started with the development of technology. There are very fine grained iron oxide powders on one side of the video tape.

As this tape is wound from reel to reel, it passes under a coil and the video signal propagates towards the magnetic field tape. Iron oxide powders on one surface of the video tape are displaced according to the vibrations of the magnetic field, creating an image and sound recording. The most preferred video type of recent times is digital videos due to its features.


In addition to having multiple features, it also has a very good processor in terms of image quality. Digital videos have the ability to record several programs simultaneously. At the same time, they are quite superior in terms of image, picture and sound quality, they can be preserved for a long time and can be backed up without deteriorating the sound and image quality.

John Logie Baird, who is the inventor of the first video recorder as well as the inventor of television, which is an important social activity of our lives, as a result of long studies, introduced this device, which he patented, to the market in Europe for the first time in 1982.

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