When talking about social networks, the timeline is the primary page on which the content is displayed. The timeline is personalized for each user and displays content based on which accounts the user follows.

While timelines are usually presented chronologically, an algorithm is often used to sort content by what gets the most engagement. When a user posts, followers see it on their timeline and allow them to react by liking or commenting.

The term can apply to individual profiles as well as an aggregated timeline found on the homepage. On Facebook and other social media platforms, as you scroll through a user's profile, you browse their personal timeline of posts they have shared in the past.

- On most social media websites and apps, the timeline displays only posts, rather than stories or direct messages shown in their personal section.

Social networks like Facebook use an algorithm to decide what to show on your timeline. Although it helps keep your timeline cleaner, it decides what you see and may not display posts in chronological order. Unfortunately, Facebook doesn't allow you to disable this feature or show all posts in chronological order.

In most cases, Twitter will show you tweets as soon as they're published. If you haven't visited Twitter in a while, it can show you the best tweets first. This setting can be changed in the Twitter app by clicking the stars in the top right corner of the app. Remember, this setting changes to show the best tweets first if you don't visit Twitter often, and should always be changed without an option to disable the feature.

- With video editing, the timeline is part of the video editing software interface, where the sequence of video clips and sound effects is visually represented in chronological order. Once clips are imported into the software, they must be placed on the timeline before effects can be applied.

The timeline helps you sort clips in order, navigate the video by hovering your cursor between clips, and apply quick changes such as insertions and speed fixes. However, other panels such as the effects panel should be used for more precise manipulation.

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