Tilt shot

The movement of the camera on the vertical axis, from top to bottom - from bottom to top, is called tilt movement. The difference from the movement of the camera body by rising and falling is that the shooting plane does not change.

Tilt movement from top to bottom is called tilt down, movement from bottom to top is called tilt up. For example, when we scan a human body from top to bottom, the movement will be tilt down.

In order to give information about the details of objects whose general appearance is known to everyone or shown in previous plans, in the shooting of very tall and large objects that do not fit the frame format.

For example, when a woman opens the door and her head appears, then to perform a downward gaze (eye gaze) with the eyes of the person knocking on the door, or tilting is done for many purposes, such as special effects or confusion, in order to show the audience the surprise of an unusual behavior.

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