1. A translation of what people have said in a foreign language movie or television show is displayed at the bottom of the screen

2. An additional title that appears after the main title of a text, such as a book, song, or game, and provides additional information

Subtitles are text derived from the transcript or script of dialogue or commentary in movies, television shows, video games, and the like, that is always displayed at the bottom of the screen and above the screen if text already exists.

They can be either a written translation of a dialogue in a foreign language, or a written translation of the dialogue in the same language, with or without additional information to assist deaf or hard of hearing audiences who cannot understand.


Best Subtitle editor Video editing tools

1. subtitle Workshop
2. Jubler
3. SubtitleCreator
4. iToolSoft movie subtitle editor
5. Video subtitle editor
6. Womble EasySub

Today, professional subtitle makers often work with specialized computer software and hardware, where the video is stored digitally on a hard drive, making every single frame instantly accessible. In addition to creating subtitles, the subtitle writer often tells the computer software the exact locations where each subtitle should appear and disappear.

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