Style Guide

All marketing professionals know that every company needs a style that represents itself, a style that will make the target audience remember the company easily, a way of addressing its customers. It is obvious that there is a reason why many companies that are seen as successful pay incredible attention to the language they use. One of the most important steps to this success is your own standards, in other words, the ''style guide.''

Build Your Brand Language

When you read any text of the company, if you understand that the text belongs to the relevant company and you feel the same emotion in every communication of the company, it is certain that there is a style guide and terminology study. The style guide consists of a set of rules that determine how your company will express itself in writing or visually. These rules determine, for example, the way you address your customers (second singular or second plural), content, tone and style. 

The style guide should not be thought of as a resource for grammar rules. Think of the style guide as a reference book for your language service provider to best express you in all markets. Such a guide will allow you to maintain the same style, tone and rules in the content you want, and will create your brand language. Not protecting your brand language is not a risk you can take.

Produce Content Faster

There is no doubt that the most important tool in gaining customers is communication. Your company's content needs to be created with great care, arouse interest, and be striking. In order to gather these features together, it is necessary to conduct serious discussions and spend time. With a style guide you create with your language service provider, you can drastically reduce this time or create much more content in the same time. There is also the problem of presenting your content in more than one language, at this point one of your most important assistants will be your style guide.

Style Guide

Get Success Quickly with Accurate Localization

We can not emphasize enough the importance of localization. We talked about the importance of consistently localizing your content, which is the front of your company. But more importantly, the content is localized correctly and completely in line with your company's stance.

Create Your Own Quality Standard

There are various quality standards in every sector. These standards play an important role in your customers' preference because they ensure that standard work is done and audited on quality. By creating your own style guide with your language service provider, you can have a structure similar to the process in quality standards. Just as your customers are comfortable when they choose you, you can be sure that the standards you set are applied when your content is localized, and therefore your brand's language is spoken in every language.