Still Frame

A single image or single frame of a video clip.

Still objects provide the news photographer with many opportunities such as preparing for moving objects, editing, determining angles, determining depth, adjusting distance and light.

For this reason, it is easier to photograph still objects than to photograph moving objects. However, this situation changes according to the amount of light, the angle of incidence of the light, the adequacy and suitability of the material you have.

Three key factors for technical success in still subject shooting:

- Light factor:
The amount, distance, type and angle of incidence of light; degree of contrast and depth of the subject; ASA speed of the film or sensor used based on four factors (contrast, density, grain and tolerance)

- Positioning factor:
Distance, angle and height of the camera to the subject

- Material usage factor:
Lens focal length and filters

Although the indoor or outdoor environment is not very decisive for still object shots, the best results are obtained from shots taken in the studio. Even though news photographers work entirely in non-studio environments, they must create small-scale studio environments for some shots.