SCORM stands for Shareable Content Object Reference Model.

The SCORM standard began with the American army working on new training methods to train its personnel and make them effective in different branches.

For this purpose, in-service training activities were initiated. Since this training need cannot be met face to face due to the conditions of the military personnel, it was decided to start distance education studies.

After this decision, when distance education contents started to be developed by tender; It has been seen that each company develops separate content and all of them work only in the Learning Management System (LMS) developed by that company.

Features of SCORM

  • Durability: Content must be persistent as long as it is consistent to meet the cost.
  • Portability: Content must be able to be moved from one system to another SCORM supported system.
  • Reusablity: Content must be reusable. Modules should be editable in different ways.
  • Interoperablity: Content should also work when migrated from one system to another.
  • Accessibility: Content must be accessible from the content library. This requires certain metadata to be included in the content package