Safe Area

The “Safe Area” of your design is used as a guide so that important elements such as logos or text are not too close to the edge of the paper when printed and cut. Having some margin in your design will ensure you get a perfect finish, even if it cuts your printing paper or card just a little outside the mark.

We make use of some Widgets when designing and coding smooth and versatile interfaces in Flutter applications. For example, while you can create dynamic components with the LayoutBuilder Widget, you can create a Scaffold with the Safe Area Widget for the areas that should not be used on each device.

How to use Safe Area?

Safe Area is very simple to use. With this widget, you can create a page that respects areas on the screen that should not be used, regardless of operating system and device type.

First, create a Scaffold and write Safe Area in the body. Set the top, bottom, left and right attributes to true in the widget.

As a result, you get an interface that no longer uses areas that should not be used on the screen of the device. With the minimum attribute, you can give padding for the right and left parts of the screen.