Resolution is a criterion used to define the sharpness of an image or picture. The total number of pixels or individual dots from which a frame of a video or a single photo is composed gives us resolution.

The group of three dots, which is the smallest part of all digital images, is called a pixel. It is derived from the compound word "picture element", which means picture piece in English. Pixel consists of the first two letters of the word pix, which is an abbreviation of the word picture, and the word element. The Turkish equivalent of the pixel is called "Gözek".

Resolution is often used as a metric (metric) to evaluate the quality of monitors, printers, digital images (cameras), and various other hardware and software technologies.


 Resolution refers to the actual number of horizontal and vertical pixels your video contains.

Common Resolution Examples: (SD) 640×480, (HD) 1280×720, (HD) 1920×1080

Often times, the resolution is referred to by only the amount of pixels that appear vertically. The examples listed would appear as 480p, 720p, and 1080p respectively.