Render is the processing of a model drawn or developed with the help of a computer through programs and exporting this model by transferring it to a picture or video state. Rendering requires various computer programs to perform its operation. All of the software that does this process is called Renderer.

Render is mostly used in computer aided production software, architecture, computer games, simulators, and industries such as cinema and television. Apart from these, drawing and design with computer, Rendering process is performed in all areas.


Rendering is a very difficult and time-consuming process, even for computers. The better the computer used and the hardware of the computer, the shorter the rendering time will be. Rendering operations are usually performed with the help of CPUs, but Nvidia, CUDA, AMD, and OpenGL technologies are used because they are much more successful in this area and shorten the rendering process.

Thanks to some computer software, the rendering process can be divided with the common computer, and thus the rendering process can be performed faster.

Render Programs

The programs preferred for rendering are generally not independent of the software itself. For example, when you are rendering an image that you have compiled with Photoshop, you will use the Render software included in Photoshop itself. Or, the Windows Movie Maker software you use to prepare a video will be able to complete the Render stage within itself and process the video and give it to you.