Press Kit

Press Kit is a set package that contains important and detailed information about the institution and thus enables the press organizations to get information about the institution. In other words, the press kit; It is a set of various promotional corporate written and visual materials created by an institution to introduce and/or explain itself to the press / media organizations.

Press Kit is an indispensable corporate identity element that each institution can prepare uniquely and facilitates the interaction of the institution with the public. In other words, the media kit includes certain facts that introduce, describe and express the institution. Based on all these, we can say that; press kit / media kit; It is an important step on the road that a company should take on the way to institutionalization.

Institutions also emphasize that they are on the journey of institutionalization with a basic corporate identity element such as a press kit.

Why is the Press Kit Important?

As we mentioned in the previous title, every company aiming to be a professional institution or a corporate brand should create a press kit / media kit file, which is an important stage of corporate identity. Because, thanks to the press kit, the company has the opportunity to tell or express itself firsthand. Thus, the company not only facilitates the work of press/media organizations, but also facilitates acquaintance with its target audience. In short, the press kit; sustainable communication is of great importance in terms of brand awareness and corporate reliability.

In addition, press organizations use the information contained in the press kit on the corporate website of the company when delivering news/announcements/updates about any brand to the readers. In this respect, the press kit; It is an element that facilitates the work of media members and news agencies.