Player Journey

Taken from Amy Jo Kim, the player journey consists of 4 phases.

The 4 phases of a player journey divides up the learning experience;

 - Discovery; This is the phase that introduces the experience before going into the actual experience. This is important because it is the most forgotten because it resembles a trailer or the text before an epic story at the back of the book. It is the book cover design even before opening the book.

 - Onboarding; This is the the second shortest phase. This phases onboards the students to experience their learning course.

 - Scaffolding; It is the stage where students grind to achieve their goals. To read, to write, to discuss, to create, to present, to surrender, to repeat. This is the uphill part of the journey where teachers and students need to focus on their rewards.

 - Endgame; Sometimes when there's more than one season, there's more than one ending. So, after endgame phase 1, they can take a new route and start again on practice and scaffolding to get back to the endgame phase.

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