Panning Shot

In cinematography and photo panning means horizontally rotating a photo or video camera from a fixed position. This movement is similar to the movement a person makes when turning their head from left to right on their neck. In other words, the camera moves perpendicular to the direction it is pointing.

Panning Shot

Here are four panning techniques that you can use to capture different shots;

1. Capture Motion

2. Create Abstract Landscape Images

3. Capture Abstract Images

4. Create Blurred Circular Images

A successfully panned shot will show your subject sharply with the background blurred.

Things to do to capture this shot;

  • Set the Mode dial on your camera to Shutter priority mode (Tv).
  • Choose a slow shutter speed – start with 1/60s.
  • Set the shooting mode to Continuous.
  • Follow your subject – but don't just do it while shooting.

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