OTT abbreviated from “Over-the-Top” and refers to video content streamed over the internet, rather than via broadcast or cable television. This includes viewing video content in various forms on a regular TV connected to a third-party device like a Roku player, as well as viewing on laptops or other mobile devices.

- The data here includes images, sounds, videos shared on the internet by a 3rd party as well as the user and network operator.

- In addition, Internet providers (ISPs) are recognized by the presence of these OTTs by the names of the transmitted data packets,

- Unlike previous services, users of cable TV, digital satellite TV need to pay a fee, or messaging and callers need to pay for the network.

- Today, OTT applications are becoming more and more popular on devices such as laptops, game consoles (PlayStation 4, WiiU and Xbox One), smartphones (smartphones), smart TVs, tablets

- With extensive Internet and 3G/4G coverage, Vietnam is becoming a potential environment for the development and exploitation of OTT applications.

- With the strong development of a wide range of OTT applications, carriers also benefit from OTT services offered to subscribers. It can be said that OTT is increasingly becoming an inevitable trend.

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