A voice that explains what is happening on a video in other words narrating is known to describe a certain event or imaginary thoughts described in an order.

There are 3 main elements in the story-telling technique. These were determined as the people who created the event, the place and time of the event. With the help of these elements, the narration is again examined in 3 main sections.

These sections are as follows:
- Layout (intro)
- Node (Development)
- Solution (Result)


In the series, which is the first part of the narrative style, brief information about the event to be mentioned is given in the rest of the text. Entries are made for the identity of the main heroes of the event and the side heroes who help the main hero. Node (development) and solution (result) sections are written shorter than the text lengths.

In the node part, the details about the event are given in the first part, brief information is given. The next steps of the introductory event are explained and interrupted in a way that satisfies the reader's curiosity, culminating in the next chapter. This section is much longer than the text lengths conveyed to the reader in the introduction and conclusion sections. It is known as the main section, which has the widest and most detailed narrative among them, and where the main events are conveyed.

In the solution, that is, the conclusion part, the events that are interrupted to conclude in the node part end here and draw the reader out of the curiosity he left inside. The events described in the whole text come to a conclusion, the existence of the people and their basic characteristics are well established in the mind of the reader. The solution section is shorter than the node section and has almost the same length as the input section.