A Yiddish word that means “feeling of pride at the achievement of your children”. In gamification we use this word to describe the feeling people get when people achieve something thanks to the help they have given them.

When wanting and fun come together thanks to the reward, here is the magnificent formula; Wanting + Fun = Commitment. That's why you should gamify your websites, your platforms, your target and management systems, your performance and competence management systems, everything.


How is Gamification applied in the Virtual World?
- Users should be able to create a profile that might interest them, use fun and meaningful Avatars, and use humor to a degree that does not miss the corporate seriousness.

- Each action should be given a score, action groups should have a corresponding score on the scoreboard. (Commenting, liking, entering information, watching training or video, sharing, etc.)

- Achievements should be shared and automatically broadcast to other peers. This situation encourages other users as well.

- Users should be given specific long tasks. (Certification programs etc. can be connected to them)

- Small epaulettes should be given in between long assignments, no one wants to progress without gaining anything for the result that will last for weeks.

 - As the missions are fulfilled, the level must be leveled up. Level; It triggers an incredible urge to come back in users.