The name that specifies the computer on which a program is running. It is used for the computer to communicate within itself. Defines the server address of the computer with an Apache server (like XAMPP Wamp) to act as a local server.


Localhost IP address is;
The IPv4 address is defined for localhost use and is used to allow the computer to access itself over TCP/IP.

In the communication of two computers, data packets are sent and received within the framework of TCP/IP protocols. These packages contain the main information as well as the IP addresses of the receiver and sender.

Computers look at the addresses in the packet to understand which packets sent on the network belong to them. They respond by taking packages that belong to them.

This is not a problem in the communication of computers with different IP addresses on the same or different networks.

For example, a computer with an IP address of communicates easily with a computer with an IP address of on the same network using TCP/IP protocols. They can easily distinguish which packets coming to the network card belong to them and respond.


However, in order for the hardware and software in a computer to communicate securely with a hardware or software in the same computer, a different address than the IP address on the network was required. To meet this need, the address block has been allocated and defined as localhost.

For Windows computers, Wamp Server, XAMPP, AppServer and WebMatrix are the most widely used best localhost programs. Easyphp is another program used. After installing one of these programs, you can create a local server to publish web pages.

You can turn it into a web development environment by making one of the following installations on your personal computer and start working.

Suggested programs;

  • XAMPP installation
  • Wamp Server Installation