Intrinsic (motivation)

There are basically two types of motivation. One is intrinsic motivation, or in other words intrinsic motivation, and the other is extrinsic motivation. Intrinsic motivation involves performing a behavior because it is personally rewarding; basically doing an activity for its own sake rather than some external desire for reward. Basically, the behavior itself is its own reward.

An important component of self-motivation is emotional intelligence. Emotional intelligence is a measure of one's ability to recognize and manage one's own emotions and those of other people.

Intrinsic (motivation)

For example; participating in a sport because you find the activity fun, cleaning your room because you love to pack up, solving a word puzzle because the challenge is finding it fun and exciting, or studying a topic you find fascinating.

Skills Underpinning Intrinsic-Motivation;

  •      Setting high but realistic goals (for example, SMART goals)
  •      Taking the right level of risk,
  •      Get feedback to find out how to continuously improve,
  •      Being committed to personal and/or organizational goals and taking an extra step towards achieving those goals,
  •      Actively seeking opportunities and catching them when they arise.
  •      Coping with obstacles, being flexible and continuing to pursue your goals despite obstacles.

Intrinsic (motivation)

What You Can Do to Protect Your Intrinsic Motivation;

  •     Keep learning and gaining knowledge (for example, cultivate a love of learning),
  •      Spend time with motivated, enthusiastic and supportive people
  •      Increase your resilience with a positive outlook and optimism,
  •      Identify and work on your strengths and weaknesses
  •      Avoid procrastination and work on your time management skills.
  •      Get help when you need it and be willing to help others succeed.

Not only do we usually do better things when we are self-motivated, but we also function better because we can handle stress and we are happier when we do what we want to do.

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