When you open any web page on mobile, tablet or desktop computers, it is an advertisement model that "covers the page completely". It does not disturb the reader as it can be easily closed. Not only fixed images, but also animated banners can be used. It has a new feature developed recently, 'filling the form inside the banner'.

Interstitial ads are generally used in 800x600 dimensions on desktop computers, while they are used in 320x480 dimensions in mobile browsers. Interstitial ads are not trafficked, unlike other ad formats. Publishers should treat the interstitial request like any other dimension.


Links should use admob.opener.openUrl() or to ensure they open in a new window rather than an interstitial view. Also, interstitials should show a close button. Non-video interstitials should show the close button from the beginning; video interstitials should show close button from start or after 5 second delay.

Interstitial advertising sites usually charge per impression. Interstitial ads, which are designed to be viewed once a day or an hour from the same thread, are a good source of income for high-hit sites. If the number of unique visitors to the site is above 50 k per day, it will create a good income statement. They increase Ad diversity and they are highly engaging.

Interstitial ads are divided into 5 groups;

  • Standart Interstitial Advertisement
  • Mobile Interstitial Advertisement
  • Video Interstitial Advertisement
  • Interactive Form Interstitial Advertisement
  • Retargeting Interstitial Advertisement

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