Interactive video

Interactive video is a type of video in which the user directs the video with the options above the video. The key behind the idea of interactive video is the use of technology that is most appealing and appealing to the viewer to reach customer markets.

Videos, which are even more involved in education with digital learning, have started to offer an even more educational and enjoyable experience thanks to the tools we can add interactive features. More importantly, it is possible to create a more active and permanent learning by providing an interaction between the viewer and the content.

Interactive video

In-Video Questions with interactive videos
It is possible to choose a video you want and place a question in various formats about the content in the part you want. Questions; It can be multiple choice, fill-in-the-blank, true-false, or open-ended.

Giving Feedback with interactive videos
If you want to give feedback according to the answer to the question you asked, it is possible to do this with Cinema8. Especially in the case of the wrong answer, you are giving a hint and making you think again.

In-Video Links with interactive videos
You may be familiar with this feature from YouTube. Texts such as “Click here for more information” that pop up while watching a video can be annoying, but you can do this in a more useful and more aesthetic way. Thanks to this feature, also called “Video Annotation” or “Tagging”, you can create more “Engagement” by linking to other sources within the video.

Interactive video

Video Discussions with interactive videos
You can create video-based discussions by adding comments or polls at any point in the video. While the video is flowing on one side, it appears on the side with the second of the comment or poll entered.

Video Contests
You can create fun video contests with in-video multiple choice questions. Trying to stand out in the rankings by earning points for each correct answer given within a certain time is a real source of motivation.

Benefits of interactive videos;

-To show a procedure in an easily understandable way,
- Giving the user the right to choose and prefer (It is in the form of a branched tree structure),
-Include the user in the environment,
-Easy transfer of attitudes to the user
-Being in video format and therefore complying with the principle of economy (reusable over and over)
One of the benefits of interactive video is to enable the user to see the positive and negative results or possibilities.

Cinema8 is there for you to make interactive videos and you should check out our helpful blog to get more detailed information about it;