To bring media elements into your current working space. Video editors can import video and audio clips, still images, and animated sequences in a variety of formats. You can import both individual clips and folders of clips, and add them to bins in an open Project.


Import process consists of calling a file into the document you are currently working on. It should not be confused with Opening a File. It is used to add a graphic work that you have done before to the file you are working on.

For example, you are working on a catalog and there are pictures about fimra in another folder and you will put these pictures in different places in your catalog work, then you do the import operation.

If you have a compatible video file, you can export it to your project. The procedure is;

  •       Choose File > Import > Video File.
  •       In the Import Video dialog, select the video file you want to import.
  •       Optional: Enable Extract Audio from Video to import any embedded audio stream.
  •       Click Open.