To adjust multiple tracks at the same time, as in the Premiere Audio Mixer window.

In Adobe Premiere Pro, you can edit audio, add effects, and mix as many audio tracks in one sequence as your computer system can handle. Tracks can contain either mono or 5.1 surround channels. There are also standard tracks and adaptive tracks.

The standard soundtrack can handle both mono and stereo on the same channel. In other words, if you set your audio track to Standard, you can use images with different types of audio tracks on the same audio track.

You can select different types of tracks for different media types. For example, you can choose to have mono clips edited only on mono tracks. By default, you can choose to have multi-channel mono audio routed to an Adaptive track.

To work with audio, first export it to a project or save it directly to a track. You can import sound clips or video clips that contain audio.

After sound clips are in a project, you can add them to a sequence and edit them just like video clips. You can also view the waveforms of the audio clips and trim them in the Resource Monitor before adding audio to a sequence.

You can adjust the volume and pan/balance of audio tracks directly in the Timeline or Effects Controls panels. You can use the Audio Track Mixer to make mix changes in real time. You can also add effects to sound clips in a sequence. If you're making a complex mix with many tracks, consider arranging them into sub-mixes and nested sequences.

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