“Gamification” can be defined as application development by making use of game dynamics in an area not related to the game or directly in the field where you do business. By using game features, companies aim to reach the target audience and increase the number of users.

Industries benefit from gamification elements in a wide variety of situations. Companies; it channels gamification into its products and services to solve problems, carry out activities, bring innovations, and attract the attention of customers.

Companies gamify users' activities at certain stages and create a competitive environment. It assigns a level or rank according to the success of the users. In doing so, companies increase their interaction with users with game elements. The most used game elements in gamification are;

  • Points
  • Badges
  • Leaders
  • Level Up
  • Reward

Although gamification is an application that has been applied since the past, it has made a rapid progress in increasing the usage network today. Companies make their customers feel privileged and create strong bonds with the brand with the award, point and reward system they apply today. Gamification contributes to companies in creating an emotional bond between the customer and the brand.

The purposes of companies using gamification;

  •      Carrying out your activities
  •      To solve problems
  •      Purchasing products and services
  •      Increasing the use of products and services
  •      Attract the customer's attention
  •      Reaching your target audience
  •      lnteract with the customer
  •      To educate or entertain

Gamification Theory

This theory proposes that gamification can affect learning via one of two processes and is intended to guide decision-making when creating gamified activities. Critically to both, gamification should not be intended just to “get people to learn,” and gamification cannot replace high-quality instruction.

According to Kapp, Gamification is effective when it is used to encourage learners to progress through content, motivate action, influence behavior, and drive innovation.To encourage learners through challenges and goals. When motivating learners to move through instruction and to accomplish goals.

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