Game Elements / Components

Each object in your game is a Game element. Game elements cannot do anything by themselves. Before it becomes a character, tree, or special effect, special adjustments must be made to it.

Game elements are carriers, that is, they are empty boxes, and we can create an island or a physical car by inserting different parts into this box.

So to really understand Game elements you have to understand these parts as well, we call them Components in Unity. Depending on what kind of object you are going to create, you can create different combinations by assigning different Components to a Game element.

Think of the Game Element as an empty pot and the Components as the different content you put in this pot. You can use the ready-made Components in Unity, or you can create your own Components by writing a script.

Game Element - Component Relationship

Components are the backbone of the objects in your game. They serve to make game elements functional.

A Game element is a container containing various components. All Game elements automatically have the Transform Component at startup. The reason for this is that Transform expresses the position, angles and size of that object. Without the Transform Component, a Game element could not exist in 3D space.

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