FireWire Connector

Another name for FireWire is IEEE1394. This form of connection, referred to by these names, is also known as Sony I-link. Developed by Apple, this connection is the connection interface used especially in Macintosh computers, digital cameras and video devices. The purpose of this connection is that you can transfer high-dimensional data such as pictures and videos to the computer environment much faster than Serial, Parallel and USB connections.

This speed goes up to 400Mbps and 800Mbps. While this connection has the advantage of speed, the fact that the cable is only up to 5 meters long is a disadvantage.
FireWire IEEE-1394 cable consists of 6 wires. While two of the cables provide power, two are used for data transmission. The other two are for synchronization purposes.
The biggest and most important feature of the FireWire IEEE-1394 connection is that when you connect your device to any screen from this connection, you can project the image directly to the screen.

The EEE 1394 port is divided into 1394a and 1394b. Thanks to this port, the image transfer operations from the video camera are performed in a much shorter time than other connections without loss. If this connection unit, which is integrated in some motherboards, is not available, you can get a firewire port on your computer with a PCI card that contains the Firewire port.

FireWire Connector

The standard was updated in IEEE 1394a in 2000. The main changes relate to improving compatibility between different devices. Also added a small delay to reset the bus. Added delay to protect against settings reset during hot reconnect.
IEEE 1394b - next update occurred in 2002. The speed of data processing has increased significantly. Changed FireWire cables and connectors for their connections. Only the design of the ports has changed.

The interface standards remained the same, and dedicated adapters were introduced for FireWire old generation (IEEE 1394b) new adapters to support compatibility. The structure of the cables has changed, they are started to be produced from fiber. The data transfer rate increased to 1600 Mbit / s. Cable length increased to 100 meters.