The result of processing audio and video clips to enhance, improve, or distort them.

Proximity effect means increased bass/low frequency response for sound and music production as the sound source gets closer to the microphone.

If the sound source gets too close to the microphone, the microphone exaggerates the low frequency content of the sound that goes to the recording or transferred to the signal chain due to its working principle and physics rules.


However, this effect does not occur at the same rate in every microphone. It occurs especially in "cardioid" type microphones called "directional", that is, designed to transmit sound coming from a certain direction.

The reason for this is the holes in the microphone (“port”) created to focus the microphone on recording sounds in the area directly opposite the diaphragm.

Video Effect is a method for combining animation, visual effects and motion pictures into your video. The most popular software for making 2D and 3D animations on your video is After Effects. After Effects is used to create movies, TV and many videos that circulate on the internet.

This software is often used in post production and has hundreds of effects that can be used to manipulate and montage images. This allows you to combine video and image layers in the same scene.

After Effects has many similar features to Premiere, although After Effects focuses more on visual effects, motion graphics, and color editing, basic editing and various animations can also be done on it. In other words, we can say that Adobe After Effects is more advanced and more detailed than Premiere. It can be used for adding detailed animations to the video, adding effects, any kind of acrobatics.


The main reason why After Effects is so popular is its wide possibilities and Plug-in support. After Effects has thousands of paid or free plugins, and the effects that can be made with them are endless.

It is possible to use After Effects on both Windows and Linux operating systems, where you can produce both three- and two-dimensional animations, make your videos different or play on colors.