eCPM (Effective Cost Per Mille)

It is a term used in online advertising. In short, it can be called the fee paid by advertising broadcasts for 1000 impressions or the fee paid by advertisers for 1000 impressions.

Its calculation is quite simple. Here is the formula;
ECPM = CPC x CTR x 1000
Effective Cost Per Mile = Cost Per Click x Click Through Rate x 1000
Effective Cost Per Thousand Impressions = Cost Per Click x Clickthrough Rate x 1000

For advertisers, most ad platforms can measure eCPM automatically. However, having a clear understanding of how to measure this metric is still beneficial. For example, a publisher may measure their average eCPM through various ad platforms.

eCPM (Effective Cost Per Mille)

Mobile Ad Networks with the Highest eCPM;

1. AdMob
Owned by Google, AdMob is probably the most profitable mobile ad network. The ad formats offered by AdMob are Banners, Interstitials, Rewarded Videos and Native Ads. You can adjust your global minimum eCPM to ensure maximum revenue. Take note, however, that AdMob is known for sudden account terminations over invalid activity and policy violation, so it is best to mediate different mobile ad networks with AdMob to secure your revenue.

2. Appodeal
Appodeal is a convenient and profitable ad mediation network that allows developers to monetize mobile apps with different ad formats such as Interstitials and Videos. You should definitely try Appodeal.

3. Facebook Audience Network
Facebook Inc is a huge player in the mobile advertising space. Founded in April 2014, Facebook Audience Network allows developers to monetize their apps with quality ads. Not many ad networks are better than Facebook Audience Network (FAN). However, expect to serve few vulgar ads.

4. MoPub
MoPub is a mediation network that ensures that you serve high-quality ads with high eCPMs. MoPub offers Banners, Interstitials, Native Ads, and Rewarded Videos. Moreover, you can set a minimum CPM (Cost Per Thousand impressions).