E-book is a media format that contains text, pictures, movies and sounds that can be viewed by means of various protocols and software used in this environment and computers using them.

The most important reason why it is called watchable instead of readable is that there are not only pictures and texts in these books, but also multimedia materials such as movies, animation and sound can be found in it for the purpose of publication.

E-books can be in plain text or in different formats that can be displayed by auxiliary software that facilitates reading books in electronic environment.

In fact, e-books are files that we can download (transfer to our personal computers) over the internet. You can read e-books on your computer using various utilities. You can even create e-books with the help of your computer.

The e-book can be read through many tools. E.g; Laptop, phone,tablet,... With devices such as e-readers, countless books are always with the reader at any time and at any place


Reading LIT files

Lit e-books can be read with the help of Microsoft Reader program. For Windows operating system compatible computers, you can download Microsoft Reader from www.microsoft.com/reader/download.asp to your computer. Download the program to your computer in accordance with the instructions on the screen that comes with the link above.

Wait for the program to complete saving to your hard disk. Then double-click on this file you took from the internet and start installing the program. Your computer will start the installation process. When the installation is finished, the lit files on your computer will be automatically recognized by the program. You can start reading your book by double-clicking on the files.

Reading PDF files

Electronic books with pdf extension can be read with the help of Adobe Acrobat Reader program. You can download this program from http://www.adobe.com/products/acrobat/ and install it on your computer. PDF documents are preferred because they have a very large user base .

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