Dissolve is an effect used in filmmaking and video editing in post production. A dissolving transition is a gradual transition from one image to another.

Offers the effect of showing overlaps between two frames from the end of one frame to the beginning of the next. A dissolving transition effect can also be used in assembly sequences.

When using the melt transition effect, it means that a period of time has passed between two shots. Using the cross-melt effect is very easy, but you need to be careful with the sound of the video.

The dissolve transition effect needs to be used properly in the transition time of the two scenes. And you just apply the effect between scenes to tie together your video clips.

How to Add Dissolve Transitions in a Video or Movie

 The best way to create a dissolve transition in video is to use Filmora Video Editor for Windows (or Filmora Video Editor for Mac). Filmora Video Editor is a very easy-to-use video editing software that provides the dissolve transition effect. Even if you don't know much, you can use this video editor to make movies and edit videos. This video editing software supports creating and editing videos in any format and any genre.

You can make video with dissolving transition effect with video from your computer, mobile devices, YouTube, Facebook and other sources. It is also possible to use the dissolve transition effect between two images. There are also many audio tracks that you can add as background music to your video.

When using the dissolve transition effect, you need to pay attention to these;

1. Don't use the dissolve transition between each shot in your clip.

2. Do not use the dissolve pass when two people are chatting with two throws over the shoulder. It can look very silly in the shot. You can simply apply a transition for speech and turn it into a new scene.

3. When using the melt transition, make sure that the sound of each scene does not overlap. You can mute or mute each scene. You can also adjust images by slowing down and reducing them to make the dissolve transition look great.

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