Design System

The significant increase and growth necessitates companies to conduct and streamline UI work on the design side more regularly. For these digital designs, which are getting harder and harder to manage, the design teams make use of design systems called design systems. In other words, a design system is a set of standards for design and code along with components that unify both practices. So a Design System is not a deliverable, but a set of deliverables. It will evolve constantly with the product, the tools and the new technologies.

“Design system” is a set of standards designed to manage design. This system includes items that can be combined and reused to create products. It also aims to create a common language that everyone in the design team uses when creating a product. A design system can provide many benefits to the design team when applied well and correctly.

The System is composed of tangibles and non-tangibles elements :

  • Tools for designers & developers, patterns, components, fonts , colours , guidelines…
  • But also -and it’s often the most difficult thing to achieve- some abstract elements such as brand values, shared ways of working, mindset, shared beliefs

Why Use a Design System?

  • With the use of design systems, designs can be created more quickly from the draft to the final stage and can be easily reproduced. This is only possible with the use of pre-made UI components and elements. People in the design team can use the same elements over and over, thus avoiding inconsistencies.
  • Simple user interface elements can be created with design systems. With the use of these ready-made elements, the load on the design is alleviated and it allows better focus on the problems on the design.
  • The common language of all design teams is design systems. When teams' roles and responsibilities change from time to time, design systems save both time and resources.
  • When designers need to work independently of each other, existing design systems help to provide visual integrity by preventing inconsistency. In addition, when any large-scale visual and brand changes are made, better management of the process is provided by design systems.
  • A properly designed design system is very useful, instructive and inspiring for new designers.

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