To make an image physically smaller by trimming away one or more edges. This reduces the dimensions of the image, and reduces the size of the computer file. Sometimes there are undesirable parts and regions in a picture or work. These areas either distort the composition or disturb the eye.

The crop tool is very effective in removing these regions from the work area. It consists of four vehicles, including itself. These are the;

- Crop Tool; It allows us to continue our operations only in the selected area by deleting all sides except the selected area.

- Perspective Crop Tool; When selecting an area, if the picture is curved (horizontal), perspective crop will straighten it for us.

- Slice Tool; This tool splits images for faster loading when loading web pages. In other words, it cuts the selected regions of our picture and divides them by numbering. If you save with File->Save For Web, it saves each part as image file one by one.

- Slice Selection Tool; It is the tool with which we will determine which of the regions we choose with the Slice tool to operate. The currently selected slice pane lights up in blue, so we know which slice pane we are in.                                                                          

Crop Tool Features

- In the measured cutting processes, the width and height values are entered in this section and the desired size is trimmed.
- Resolution ratio is determined from this section
- Sets the quality of the measure in pixel-inch or pixel-cm
- Performs the cropping process based on the width and aspect ratio of the actual work.
- Deletes and resets the entered width and height value