Close Up

Close ups in video shooting are shots that frame the subject tightly. In other words, close up means the closest place, distance means close-up in the photograph. It is different in every camera. Wide-angle lenses for objects at a distance of 10-60cm.(4-24 inches) and tele_lens for objects at a distance of 25-85cm.(9.8-33.5 inches) I learned that it is used.

Close-Up photography includes shots that are close to the subject. In order for a photograph to be considered a close-up, the size of the subject falling on the film should start from 0.1 (1/10) and gradually increase. In macro photography, on the other hand, the size of the subject on the film should have grown from 1 (1/1) to 10 (10/1) from its actual size. Larger images than this fall under the subject of micro photography.

Its subject covers a wide area including industrial products. Close-Up can be applied using the macro section on zoom lenses. The closest focusing distance of the lens to the subject can be reduced to 20 - 25 centimeters. That's enough. Macro and micro accessories should be used to get closer details.

Close-Up photography is not a part of the real image of the object. It is a closer picture showing details that the human eye cannot see. For example, if the subject were a person or a flower, the close up would be filled with their face or flower.