A short piece of video and/or audio, often containing an individual scene. When creating a video project, you import clip files into bins in your Premiere project, and often trim longer clips into individual scenes. You then edit the clips together on the Timeline to play in sequential order to tell the "story" of your production, with transitions between clips and other added effects. 

The video clip expands the aesthetic possibilities of the avant-garde movement, which until recently was limited to independent cinema and video art, it is a new means of expression. The video clip redefines the audio-visual relations of music and image in mass communication and  also it is a new combination.

The video clip, in its simplest definition, is the song/music/poetry/anything to reach more people, it can also be called a kind of short film.

You can create clips by hovering your mouse over the video player and clicking the Clip icon. You can also create Clips using the keyboard shortcut + on Windows or + on Mac.


 After clicking the clip icon or using the keyboard shortcut, the clip creation page will open in a new tab. On this page, you can select the video segment you want to include in the clip using the slider below the video. Once you've given your clip a name and clicked the Publish button, your clip is complete.

When your clip is successfully published, you will see the published clip. In the lower right corner of the clip, you can see its title, who created it, the date it was created, and the number of views so far.

At the bottom of the video, you'll see the link to the Clip. Using this link you can share the Clip with others and post it on various social media sites. This information also appears in the upper-right corner of the screen when the clip URL is visited.