The color of a video signal, video signals are split into separate luma and chroma (color) components for higher-quality and more efficient transmission and encoding. The chroma signal is typically split into two components or color difference signals, such as YUV format. 

The part in colorimetric that determines the color against the brightness, consists of the color matter and saturation, and leads to the color information. It is the color composition (as opposed to the brightness and luminance composition) in a color signal. It is used in the fields of cinema and television. The difference (optical) between a color with the same luminosity and a reference color.

Chrominance Channel: The chromaticity groove, color channel. In a color broadcast, the portion of the recurrence spectrum that contains the chromaticity information. It is used in the fields of cinema and television.

Chrominance Amplifier: Chromaticity amplifier.

Chrominance Subcarrier: Subcarrier.

 Chrominance Demodulator: Chromaticity demodulator