Bandwidth (Data Amount, Transfer Rate, Traffic and Bandwidth) is the data traffic of your hosting service. Bandwidth is the total amount of downloads used to access your website. An analog modem has very little bandwidth compared to a high-speed cable modem, for instance, so the former cannot download video from the Internet nearly as quickly as the latter.

Formula used to calculate Bandwidth = Page size x Number of visitors.

For example, 100 people visit your site and the download rate of the images and codes used in the main page is 1 MB. Here, 100 Mb traffic will occur only on your home page for 100 people. When these visitors navigate through your internal pages, the amount of traffic used will increase.

For instance, when 100 people visiting your site browse 100 pages on average, your traffic will increase 100 times on average. People and businesses that will buy hosting for e-commerce sites should purchase hosting packages with an annual Bandwidth size. If the Bandwidth of the hosting you are using is full, you will receive a warning and you cannot access any account related to your hosting.

Bandwidth Monitoring Tools;

PRTG; It is among the bandwidth monitoring tools that can be used for e-commerce sites. It can be used for free or by purchasing premium features. This tool, which has many features such as bandwidth and database monitoring, is a cloud-based computing product.

NetFlow; NetFlow, one of the bandwidth monitoring tools, is a tool released by solarwinds. People and businesses that want to activate more features of this tool, which has a demo feature, can purchase premium features.