360° Video

360-degree videos, also known as immersive videos or spherical videos, are video recordings where a view in every direction is recorded at the same time, shot using an omnidirectional camera or a collection of cameras.
Unlike traditional video cameras, which capture whatever is happening in front of them, 360 cameras capture everything happening in every direction, offering a full spherical view of the surroundings.

360 video is in a VR-like format and allows you to see up, down, right, left and back with videos with a circular view. It is one of the video trends these days. But to capture the circular view you will need a special camera or a set of multiple cameras and patience.

There are two types of 360 degree videos, monoscopic and stereoscopic (deep seeing). It is seen in monoscopic Google Street View and 360 players such as YouTube 360 and Facebook. These are 2D renders of true 360-degree shots. You see the space in between, but you cannot capture the atmosphere of the 3D world.

Stereoscopic video is more about virtual reality. These videos can be viewed on the VR set. In such videos, you can fully experience the 3D world with its depth and 360-degree viewing angle. It is generally for the presentation and promotion of any venue, workplace, town, municipality, region, museum, exhibition hall or fair stand.

Two types of cameras are used for 360-degree video shooting. One of them is the shots created with Ricoh Theta cameras working with the shoot-and-finish logic, and the shots made with the GoPro camera, which should combine the videos after shooting. Although these two types of cameras serve the same purpose, they differ from each other quite a lot. GoPro cameras have systems that are more useful and provide higher quality results compared to Ricoh Theta cameras. If you want to start the process of preparing 360-stage video, it will be a good start for you to decide on your camera.

With 360 degree videos, you can see the areas you have never been to in a realistic way and you can direct the video with the feeling of being there. You should definitely use a virtual reality glasses to watch 360 degree videos in the best quality. The shooting and production stages of 360-stage videos are so enjoyable to watch.

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