Devices that allow the recorded videos to be recorded securely are called VTRs. In recent years, many different models have been produced with the support of high technology.

There are 2 or 4 panels on the VTRs, depending on the type. Videos to be recorded and played can be selected on these panels.


They are devices that work with magnetic reading technique, which is an older technology instead of optical reading. Television broadcasting is one of the areas where they are used most frequently. They are the devices that are most frequently maintained and repaired by the technical unit personnel in the television stations.

The primary faults are reading errors, cassette winding and image losses caused by the contamination of the part that performs the magnetic reading task and is referred to as the "head" by the technical staff. In order to eliminate this frequently encountered defect, a screwdriver to be used to reach the head, a square cut white cloth (such as a bandage or sile cloth), pure alcohol and a qualified technical staff are the necessary materials.

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