Total flexibility in integrating with 3rd Party Apps

Cinema8 provides total flexibility in integrating with other platforms of all types and for multiple use cases - CRM, e-commerce, advertising servers, third-party video platforms, and more.

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3rd Party Video Hosting & Streaming Platforms

Use your videos in Youtube, Vimeo, Kaltura, Brightcove, Wistia or integrate Cinema8 to any 3rd party video streaming platform.

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C8 Rest API

C8 REST API can access video analytics, enable SSO between your videos and apps, create custom access tokens and more.

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Scorm Integration

Export scorm 1.2 or 2004 version compliant interactive videos, trigger scorm(data, status, progress ..) actions within videos.

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C8 Javascript API

C8 javascript API enables any native integration between 3rd party applications using 2way data integration, webhooks and more.

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Integrating With Serverside Webhooks

Send and receive data in real time within your videos, whenever the relevant event happens.

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Integrating with WIDGETS

Develope custom client based integration within powerfull plug & play module development environment.

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Iframe Embed

Cinema8 can be integrated to any platform using Iframe embed API.Customize your videos externally with url parameters.

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Other Integrated Platforms

Read about how we have successfully implemented third party integrations with Cinema8 API's.

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Google Tag Manager

Tag Manager gives you the ability to add and update your own tags for conversion tracking, video analytics, remarketing and more.

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DFP And Vast Adds

Insert dynamic and interactive adds using DFP or VAST urls.

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LTI Integration

Use Cinema8 in any LTI(Learning Tools Interoperability) compliant LMS(learning management system).

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Google Fonts

Use your brand fonts within your videos.

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Cinema8 Easy Google Ads Manager and Vast Integrations


Easy Google Ads Manager and Vast Integrations

Google is the number one online search marketing and advertising platform in the world. Cinema8 lets you tap into this enormous potential customer base with an integration module. you can directly connect your Cinema8 account to your Google Ads account, and start monetising your videos by placing ads on them. What’s more, you do not need synchronization to serve video ads within your videos. Just open the project you want to add and drag & drop the DFP element to its timeline. Write the Vast Tag of your video ad into the relevant field - and you’re rad to generate instant advertising revenue from your interactive video content.

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Easy E-Commerce Integrations

Maximum Customer Conversions

Easy E-Commerce Integrations

If you have an existing ecommerce store, or use a major ecommerce platform (Shopify, Wix), Cinema8 will seamlessly integrate it within our platform. That means that your interactive videos on Cinema8 will connect directly with your store’s cart and checkout functions, for a seamless customer buying journey.

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Cinema8 Integrations

3rd Party Video Streaming Platforms

Connect to Third-Party Video & Streaming Platforms Instantly

An astonishing 5 billion videos are viewed on YouTube alone every day - which means your interactive videos need to be there. With Cienma8, you can easily connect to your existing accounts on YouTube, DailyMotion, Kaltura, Brightcove, Vimeo, and all other major third-party video and streaming platforms. With the Cinema8 Synch function, you can synchronise all platforms between each other and guarantee that you content is always updated.

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Interactive Videos Have Numerous Tangible Benefits


Higher ROI

Conversion rate increase over traditional videos.


Higher Engagement

Engagement increase of interactive vs. linear videos.


Longer Viewing Times

Increase in viewing times of interactive vs. linear videos.


Higher Memorability

Memorability improvement of interactive vs. linear videos.


Higher Click Throughs

Increase of click throughs of interactive vs. linear videos.


Higher Completion Rates

Increase video completion rate of interactive vs. linear videos.

A Drag & Drop
No-Code Interaction Design Platform With Unprecedented Features

Interactive Video

Turn normal videos into immersive, interactive, and highly engaging interactive experiences. Branching with native video clicks , image clicks , question answers or without any action ? Conditional or Programatic Branching ? Everything is possible within Cinema8

1000+ Design Elements

A constantly evolving library of ready-to-use plug & play module library with customisation options.

360° Video / VR Capability

Add interactivity elements to 360° videos for mobile, desktop, and VR environments. Engaging 360° videos, ideal for 360 virtual tours, orientation programs, showcasing real estate, exploring touristic destinations, and more.

Drag & Drop, No-Code

Users just drag and drop the elements they want onto the video - a simple, direct and fast process, without any coding involved.

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Comprehensive Video Analytics

Tools to collect, analyse, understand, and act upon the data collected from your audience’s engagement with your interactive videos.

AI / Smart Hotspots & Overlays

Use object & motion detection , object tracking machine learning algorithms to create smart interactive video solutions.

Open Development Environment

Cinema8 widget development architecture & open development environment provides users with exceptional flexibility and a developer-driven ecosystem.

Enterprise Grade Video Streaming

Video CDN, VOD, Live Streaming, 360 Video, OTT, Dynamic Audio/Subtitle management and more with Enterprise Grade security options.