Create engaging content that teaches, engages, and entertains audiences

Boost learning outcomes, student engagement, and exam performance with Cinema8’s advanced interactive video platform.


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E-learning is a massive market that will be worth $162 billion globally by 2030. Cinema8 helps you tap this booming niche with addons for your interactive videos

E-learning Tools

Interactive video will be the future of personalised learning


Personalise online training sessions with variables , native content replacement , conditional actions and more..

1000+ widget library

Give exciting interactive tutorials, develope high impact educational experiences


Receive feedback directly from the audience on their learning experience


Assess the level of understanding and knowledge of your audience on the topics/products you choose

Scorm & LMS Compliant

Export your interactive video as scorm package with full activity report, trigger any scorm action manually within your videos.

Import Adobe AE animations

Use any after effect animation, AE animations will natively integrated to your videos timeline.

Navigations & Menu Widgets

Extensive library of scorm compliant navigation & menu widgets.

Custom widget development

Wrap your custom CSS , HTML and JS code within your widgets.

Interactive Video E-learning Addons

Cinema8’s Interactive Video E-learning Tools

Addons for your interactive videos

Elearning is the future of global education. Interactive video is a key tool to create engaging content that teaches, engages, and entertains audiences. With Cinema8, you can take e-learning to the next level by leveraging the full power of interactive video.

  • Personalise online training sessions
  • Give exciting interactive tutorials
  • Receive feedback directly from the audience on their learning experience
  • Assess the level of understanding and knowledge of your audience on the topics/products you choose
  • Create high impact educational experiences
Platform Overview
Personalized E-learnings


Make education personalised with Cinema8’s interactive video tools.

Online education today is done via a one-size-fits-all philosophy that does not take into account learning progress, learning outcomes, or the existing knowledge base of a student. With Cinema8, all of this changes

  • Tailor-make exams to each individual student, to cover the study areas only relevant to him/her
  • Gamify the entire learning process, making it fund for viewers and keeping them engaged with your content.
  • Assess the speed and correctness of viewer answers instantly, gauging learner progress

Cinema8 makes your interactive videos fun, engaging, and highly personalised, boosting your audience’s learning and enjoyment.

Platform Overview

Harness the power of interactive video. Speak to a sales specialist to learn how Cinema8 solutions can help to grow your business

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Cinema8 Widgets

Interactive Elements

Flexible & Extensive Interactive Elements

Craft a unique interactive video with Cinema8’s extensive interactive tools, including:

  • Video/Audio answering capabilities
  • Single Select,Multi Select, Fill in the blanks, Drag & Drop question types
  • Feedback forms
  • Questionnaires
  • Buttons
  • Visual aids

And much more. Let Cinema8’s tools help you build streamlined, effective, and powerful interactive videos to deliver the best e-learning experience to your viewers.

Platform Overview
Quick Educational Outcome Analysis

Outcome Analysis

Quick Educational Outcome Analysis.

Cinema8’s analytics dashboard tells you immediately all you need to know about your audience’s learning progress:

  • Exam completion times
  • Exam performance
  • Areas of strength/weakness
  • Overall cohort statistics
  • In-exam behaviours
  • Engagement/attention rates
  • Activity hotspots

The outcomes are :

  • Know exactly how and what your viewers are learning
  • Learn how to adapt your content to best meet your audience’s needs
Platform Overview

Cinema8 turns any video into interactive experience

Empower your video content with enterprise-grade hosting, seamless streaming, and built-in monetization.

A Drag & Drop
No-Code Interaction Design Platform With Unprecedented Features

Interactive Video

Turn normal videos into immersive, interactive, and highly engaging interactive experiences. Branching with native video clicks , image clicks , question answers or without any action ? Conditional or Programatic Branching ? Everything is possible within Cinema8

1000+ Design Elements

A constantly evolving library of ready-to-use plug & play module library with customisation options.

360° Video / VR Capability

Add interactivity elements to 360° videos for mobile, desktop, and VR environments. Engaging 360° videos, ideal for 360 virtual tours, orientation programs, showcasing real estate, exploring touristic destinations, and more.

Drag & Drop, No-Code

Users just drag and drop the elements they want onto the video - a simple, direct and fast process, without any coding involved.

Cinema8 Logo

Comprehensive Video Analytics

Tools to collect, analyse, understand, and act upon the data collected from your audience’s engagement with your interactive videos.

AI / Smart Hotspots & Overlays

Use object & motion detection , object tracking machine learning algorithms to create smart interactive video solutions.

Open Development Environment

Cinema8 widget development architecture & open development environment provides users with exceptional flexibility and a developer-driven ecosystem.

Enterprise Grade Video Streaming

Video CDN, VOD, Live Streaming, 360 Video, OTT, Dynamic Audio/Subtitle management and more with Enterprise Grade security options.