Interactive 360° / AR / VR

Boost the interactivity and engagement rates of your 360° videos

By adding interactivity elements to 360° videos, you can inform, educate, and entertain viewers, converting them into customers more easily.


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Interactive 360°/AR , Apex of immersive media:

Drag & Drop , no-code

Use the simple Drag & Drop function to add any interactive widget to your video instantly - no coding, and no experience needed.

1000+ widget library

A constantly evolving library of ready-to-use tools.

360 / AR / VR support

Add interactivity elements into 360° videos and publish them within any AR-VR environment.

Advanced analytics & statistics

Learn who your current and potential customers are and boost your marketing ROI.

Augmented 360° Video

Augmented 360° video.

Instant Memorability & Total Engagement with 360° video

A 360° video is as close as you can get to actual reality. Your viewers are catapulted into the reality of a video where they can move around, visit attractions, shop, learn more about real-world activities. This can be anything, as 360° offer total versatility and can be applied to almost any target and niche:

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Interactive 360° video in shopping

Interactive 360° video in shopping

Turn your 360° video into the ultimate shopping experience

Shopping means touching, feeling, and seeing products up close. Cin-ema8 lets you turn your 360° video into the ultimate shopping experience, letting your products stand out and become unforgettable - the ultimate edge over your competitors. Use your 360° videos to:

  • Virtually browse through your products, seeing them in 3D and in high resolution, with all information displayed, making the buying process faster and simpler.
  • Learn about new products, with widgets to engage and inform about features, pricing, and more.
  • Gamify your products, so your audience can form an emotional attachment to the process, increasing the likelihood of purchase.
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The 360°advantage

Cinema8's 360° video capabilities are unprecedented.

  • 360° videos are made with multi-directional cameras, making the entire surroundings viewable.
  • Cinema8 turns 360° videos into powerful and immersive interactive experiences, with unparalleled features and benefits.
  • Viewers can become part of a place or event by living it in person.
  • With the help of direction keys, the viewer can move freely within the video - as if it were real life.
  • The lifelike nature of the experience positively impacts viewer engagement and enjoyment.

Clickable Areas

Cinema8's 360° video capabilities are unprecedented.

360° Multimedia

Clickable Areas

Various interactive actions are connected to clickable areas in the video. These buttons, hotspots, links, or images can lead to opening a website, jumping to another location, going to a checkout page (for product advertisements), and more!

360° Multimedia

Companies can use interactive 360° videos to advertise specific physical locations, brands, or answer questions, or answer viewer questions - all within the setting of a real-life location or event.

Augmented 360° Videos For Real Estate

Augmented 360° Videos For Real Estate

The interactive 360 ​​Video revolution in the real estate industry

Luxury apartments, commercial property, retail space, you name it. Cinema8 makes property into a real-life experience and a powerful sales tool for:

  • Converting a virtual house visit into a purchase.
  • Generating leads from video viewers to organise in-person visits for property sales and rentals.
  • Do renderings of properties in the pre-building and off plan phases
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Interactive 360° Video For Tourism & Events

Interactive 360° Video For Tourism & Events

Promote physical environments with augmented reality

Cinema8 allows you to turn 360° videos into suitable tours of major attractions, museums, monuments, and galleries. By embedding descriptions and interactivity options, your audience can:

  • Find out about shopping and brands in a certain city/region.
  • Learn about online/offline events at certain venues, and book them directly via the video.
  • Visit restaurants and shopping venues in real-life, after discovering them in your video.
  • Turning a 360° hotel room visit directly into a reservation.
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