Interactive 360° / AR / VR

Boost the interactivity and engagement rates of your 360° videos

By adding interactivity elements to 360° videos, you can inform, educate, and entertain viewers, converting them into customers more easily.


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Interactive 360°/AR , Apex of immersive media:

Drag & Drop , no-code

Use the simple Drag & Drop function to add any interactive widget to your video instantly - no coding, and no experience needed.

1000+ widget library

A constantly evolving library of ready-to-use tools.

360 / AR / VR support

Add interactivity elements into 360° videos and publish them within any AR-VR environment.

Advanced analytics & statistics

Learn who your current and potential customers are and boost your marketing ROI.

Augmented 360° Video

Augmented 360° video.

Instant Memorability & Total Engagement with 360° video

A 360° video is as close as you can get to actual reality. Your viewers are catapulted into the reality of a video where they can move around, visit attractions, shop, learn more about real-world activities. This can be anything, as 360° offer total versatility and can be applied to almost any target and niche:

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Interactive 360° video in shopping

Interactive 360° video in shopping

Turn your 360° video into the ultimate shopping experience

Shopping means touching, feeling, and seeing products up close. Cin-ema8 lets you turn your 360° video into the ultimate shopping experience, letting your products stand out and become unforgettable - the ultimate edge over your competitors. Use your 360° videos to:

  • Virtually browse through your products, seeing them in 3D and in high resolution, with all information displayed, making the buying process faster and simpler.
  • Learn about new products, with widgets to engage and inform about features, pricing, and more.
  • Gamify your products, so your audience can form an emotional attachment to the process, increasing the likelihood of purchase.
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The 360°advantage

Cinema8's 360° video capabilities are unprecedented.

  • 360° videos are made with multi-directional cameras, making the entire surroundings viewable.
  • Cinema8 turns 360° videos into powerful and immersive interactive experiences, with unparalleled features and benefits.
  • Viewers can become part of a place or event by living it in person.
  • With the help of direction keys, the viewer can move freely within the video - as if it were real life.
  • The lifelike nature of the experience positively impacts viewer engagement and enjoyment.

Clickable Areas

Cinema8's 360° video capabilities are unprecedented.

360° Multimedia

Clickable Areas

Various interactive actions are connected to clickable areas in the video. These buttons, hotspots, links, or images can lead to opening a website, jumping to another location, going to a checkout page (for product advertisements), and more!

360° Multimedia

Companies can use interactive 360° videos to advertise specific physical locations, brands, or answer questions, or answer viewer questions - all within the setting of a real-life location or event.

Augmented 360° Videos For Real Estate

Augmented 360° Videos For Real Estate

The interactive 360 ​​Video revolution in the real estate industry

Luxury apartments, commercial property, retail space, you name it. Cinema8 makes property into a real-life experience and a powerful sales tool for:

  • Converting a virtual house visit into a purchase.
  • Generating leads from video viewers to organise in-person visits for property sales and rentals.
  • Do renderings of properties in the pre-building and off plan phases
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Interactive 360° Video For Tourism & Events

Interactive 360° Video For Tourism & Events

Promote physical environments with augmented reality

Cinema8 allows you to turn 360° videos into suitable tours of major attractions, museums, monuments, and galleries. By embedding descriptions and interactivity options, your audience can:

  • Find out about shopping and brands in a certain city/region.
  • Learn about online/offline events at certain venues, and book them directly via the video.
  • Visit restaurants and shopping venues in real-life, after discovering them in your video.
  • Turning a 360° hotel room visit directly into a reservation.
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Frequently Asked Questions

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Interactive 360 AR (Augmented Reality) allows users to view a video from all angles by moving their device or dragging the video screen. It offers an immersive and interactive experience
Yes, Cinema8 offers an easy-to-use platform for creating 360 AR videos, with no programming knowledge required
360 AR is great for product demos, virtual tours, training videos, and any content where an immersive experience can enhance the viewer's understanding.
Yes, with Cinema8 you can add a variety of interactive elements to your 360 AR videos.
Yes, Cinema8's 360 AR videos are designed to be viewed on a range of devices including desktops, tablets, and smartphones.
Yes, Cinema8 allows you to embed your 360 AR videos into your existing digital platforms.
While specific requirements can vary, generally any modern smartphone, tablet or computer can be used to create and view 360 AR videos.
360 AR provides a more immersive and engaging experience, allowing viewers to explore the video content from multiple perspectives.
By providing an immersive, interactive experience, 360 AR videos can help attract viewer attention and increase engagement, potentially leading to higher conversion rates.
Yes, Cinema8 offers comprehensive analytics for your 360 AR videos to help you understand viewer interactions and behavior.