Personalized Videos

Revolutionize Customer Engagement

Customize your videos to an individual viewer, form trusting relationships and enable Your Customer Engagement At Scale with Cinema8 technologies.


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Incorporating personalized videos as part of your communication strategy can offer a number of advantages, such as increased conversion, deeper customer relationships, improved loyalty and brand affinity


Personalized videos address their viewers directly by their name and other personal details to create a feeling of one-on-one communication

AI powered dynamic video manipulation

Manipulate any video part natively with built-in object and motion tracking AI algorithms.

Two-way data exchange integrations

Inject any user data on runtime , send any generated data to third party applications on the fly with Webhooks.

Native video content manipulation

Inject any user data, dynamic images or dynamic sound files within videos and visualise any content within Cinema8 elements.

Advanced analytics & statistics

Learn who your current and potential customers are and boost your marketing ROI.

Greater Visibility

Thanks to Cinema8’s fully integrated video production and distribution platform, your personalised videos can reach more viewers and more potential customers in less time.

Improved Conversion Rates

The high engagement rates of personalized interactive videos make it easier for you to achieve all of your video strategy goals - be it lead generation, sales, or brand recognition.

Increased Targeting Precision

With Cinema8’s extensive analytics suite you can measure your video performance better, helping it optimise your sales performance, brand recognizability, and marketing ROI.


Discover the benefits of using interactive personalised videos.

Use Cinema8’s drag and drop interface, extensive widget library, and data analytics suite to unleash all the potential of personalised videos.

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Cinema8 turns any video into interactive experience

Empower your video content with enterprise-grade hosting, seamless streaming, and built-in monetization.

A Drag & Drop
No-Code Interaction Design Platform With Unprecedented Features

Interactive Video

Turn normal videos into immersive, interactive, and highly engaging interactive experiences. Branching with native video clicks , image clicks , question answers or without any action ? Conditional or Programatic Branching ? Everything is possible within Cinema8

1000+ Design Elements

A constantly evolving library of ready-to-use plug & play module library with customisation options.

360° Video / VR Capability

Add interactivity elements to 360° videos for mobile, desktop, and VR environments. Engaging 360° videos, ideal for 360 virtual tours, orientation programs, showcasing real estate, exploring touristic destinations, and more.

Drag & Drop, No-Code

Users just drag and drop the elements they want onto the video - a simple, direct and fast process, without any coding involved.

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Comprehensive Video Analytics

Tools to collect, analyse, understand, and act upon the data collected from your audience’s engagement with your interactive videos.

AI / Smart Hotspots & Overlays

Use object & motion detection , object tracking machine learning algorithms to create smart interactive video solutions.

Open Development Environment

Cinema8 widget development architecture & open development environment provides users with exceptional flexibility and a developer-driven ecosystem.

Enterprise Grade Video Streaming

Video CDN, VOD, Live Streaming, 360 Video, OTT, Dynamic Audio/Subtitle management and more with Enterprise Grade security options.