Gamify your interactive videos with zero coding experience

Implement any gamification concept with Cinema8’s extensive library of widgets, variables, extensive analytics , and instant viewer feedback.


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Start creating extraordinary gamified videos easily and quickly, capturing your audience’s attention and boosting your brand’s visibility and customer base

Cinema8’s Gamification Tools

Create extraordinary gamified videos with extensive Cinema8 features, including:

Limitless Gamification Options

Create puzzles, quizzes, mystery solving quests, adventure videos, contests, short films, make-up tutorials and more ..

Extensive Gamification Tools

Gamify your videos with badges, coupons, rewards, timers, branching popups, certificates, quests, animated texts, countdowns, conditional action, clickable areas and more ..

Custom algorithm design

Design any custom algorithm within videos with widgets, store data within variables and decide what to do with conditional acitons.

Advanced analytics & statistics

Learn who your current and potential customers are and boost your marketing ROI.


Making Interactive Videos For Ultimate Viewer Engagement

Gamification is turning normal videos into engaging, entertaining, and exciting experiences for your audience. Instead of watching passively, each viewer interacts with it and becomes an active participant in the video’s story and development. Gamified videos hold massive advantages over normal ones:

  • They keep your audience watching your videos for longer
  • They help your audience remember your brand better
  • They are better at converting prospects into buyers.
  • Inform your audience about your product
  • Entertain your audience so they form positive associations with your product.
  • Personalise the product journey, so that the audience feels the product is about them.

No matter your industry or sector, gamified videos are the key to unleashing your brand’s potential to grow faster and bigger - video by video.

Platform Overview
Cinema8’s Limitless Gamification Options

Gamification Options

Cinema8’s Limitless Gamification Options

The list of of what you can gamify with Cinema8’s platform is only limited by your imagination:

  • Puzzles
  • Quizzes
  • Mystery solving quests
  • Adventure videos
  • Contests
  • Short films
  • Make-up tutorials
  • Cooking lessons
  • Nature excursions
  • Product demonstrations
  • Product reviews
  • Horoscopes
  • Cartoons

And much more, all without any coding or previous video editing experience needed.

Platform Overview

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Interactive Videos Have Numerous Tangible Benefits


Higher ROI

Conversion rate increase over traditional videos.


Higher Engagement

Engagement increase of interactive vs. linear videos.


Longer Viewing Times

Increase in viewing times of interactive vs. linear videos.


Higher Memorability

Memorability improvement of interactive vs. linear videos.


Higher Click Throughs

Increase of click throughs of interactive vs. linear videos.


Higher Completion Rates

Increase video completion rate of interactive vs. linear videos.

Cinema8’s Extensive Gamification Tools

Gamification Tools

Cinema8’s Extensive Gamification Tools

Say goodbye to boring, repetitive templates, and fully unleash your creativity. Cinema8 provides an extensive number of elements you can use to gamify your videos:

  • HTML
  • Image
  • Timers
  • Countdowns
  • Badges
  • Branching popups
  • Certificates
  • Quests
  • “Jump To” Function
  • Conditional Actions
  • Variables
  • Widgets

No need to code anything, just drag them and drop them into your video at will. Take the interactivity of your videos to the next level and keep your audience watching.

Platform Overview
Analyse Your Gamified Video Performance

Analytics & Statistics

Analyse Your Gamified Video Performance Effectively

Cinema8 allows you to analyse in detail how your gasified videos are performing, with specific parameters:

  • Viewing rates
  • Viewing times
  • Interaction rates
  • Viewer leaderboards
  • Quiz scores
  • Branching choices

And much more, all without any coding or previous video editing experience needed.

Platform Overview