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Cinema8 is an R&D company at its core, meaning that our platforms are constantly evolving and enhancing. We create technology. Part of this is due to our constant research; a key part of that research is analyzing the market and its players. On this page, we will demonstrate how over time Cinema8 progressed and excelled to become the leading interactive video platform in the market.

We started developing Cinema8 as an online content-authoring platform based on videos. And in that sense, right from the start, we established differences in functionalities compared to interactive video tools in the market.


While competitors fundamentally change in each vertical industry, the capabilities we have for all industries and sometimes for a specific industry formed our core unique reason for preference by users.

  • E-learning
  • Marketing & Sales
  • Film Making
  • Ar / VR / 360 Video
  • Content Creators
  • E-Commerce
  • Gamification
  • Advertising Market
  • Video Delivery Market
  • Video Agencies


While developing the platform, the initial market we were competing in was the online education market. There were already a couple of well-known top brands in the market. We first examined all their capabilities and implemented them into Cinema8. Then we went on further to extend our functionalities towards what the competition did not have such as:

  • Publishing developed content independently of the platform (standard video)
  • Detailed analytics
  • Integration capability (Webhook, Custom Callback, Advanced JS API)
  • Easy integration into business processes
  • Easy to use , drag and drop no code platform
  • In-out on the fly data transfer capabilities to generate customized videos


We evolved Cinema8 into a video delivery platform. Many new applications for corporate video distribution were developed. New features like Authorization, Dynamic CDN Switching, OTT, Live Broadcasting, and such come to live.

Once again, there were big players in the market to compete, some may be known to any common internet user. We knew the importance of Storage & Streaming so we brought in Cinema8 Version two with renewed Video Encode-Decode Infrastructure, improved 4K-8K video support, and the addition of Dynamic subtitles, Dynamic multi-sound videos.

Even though we are an interactive video platform, our storage and streaming services also act as a big decisive factor for clients to switch from competition to us. Clients see how our services differ in terms of flexibility, integration, loading times, and budget.


Finally, we have set our sights on being the best interactive video solution out there. There was a lot of competition in this field but we quickly implemented all standard features to compete with video branching and interactive video platforms in the market. And as always, we went further into making Cinema8 unique and excelled at that as well.

In recent years, our top competitors have been acquired by worldwide known brands. Therefore they gained more market access, more financial security, more resources, and such. However, that did not prevent us from developing our platform into a much more capable, functional, user-friendly, and desirable platform than theirs.

With the ‘’Widget Infrastructure’’ we have developed, clients can develop their plug-and-play, customizable and reusable applications and services on our platform. This converted Cinema8 to being perceived not as a tool but as a ‘’framework’’. Many startups have developed their own customs solutions on the platform.

Cinema8 can perform all the functions of standard video development tools and more. Our solution does not require rendering, it can integrate after effects, custom widgets can be developed, and ready-to-use libraries for animations, lower thirds, hot spots, player controls, buttons, etc. are available to be used.

Today, Cinema8 has turned it into an In Video Software development environment that offers unlimited development opportunities by integrating different technologies and has even been started to be used in research and development projects.


There are lots of new capabilities coming into the platform but we do not want to reveal them just yet. Nevertheless, you could say that will be game changers. In the meantime, you can follow the latest add features on our New Features page.

Comparison Chart

Cinema8 Logo
Interactive Video Platforms
E-Learning Authoring Platforms
Video Delivery Platforms
Video Editing Platforms
Standard Int. Features--
Interactive 360 Video---
VR Mode Support----
Extensive Widget Library--
Open Development Environment----
Video Delivery & CDN---
Enterpsie Grade Secure Video Streaming---
Detailed Analytics--
Advanced Interactions--
Sticky Hotspots---
Advanced In-Video Artificial Intelligence----
Live Streaming---
Interactive Live---
Advanced Integrations---
Gamified Video--
Post Production Elements---
Advanced Video Editing---


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Cinema8 turns any video into interactive experience

Empower your video content with enterprise-grade hosting, seamless streaming, and built-in monetization.

A Drag & Drop
No-Code Interaction Design Platform With Unprecedented Features

Interactive Video

Turn normal videos into immersive, interactive, and highly engaging interactive experiences. Branching with native video clicks , image clicks , question answers or without any action ? Conditional or Programatic Branching ? Everything is possible within Cinema8

1000+ Design Elements

A constantly evolving library of ready-to-use plug & play module library with customisation options.

360° Video / VR Capability

Add interactivity elements to 360° videos for mobile, desktop, and VR environments. Engaging 360° videos, ideal for 360 virtual tours, orientation programs, showcasing real estate, exploring touristic destinations, and more.

Drag & Drop, No-Code

Users just drag and drop the elements they want onto the video - a simple, direct and fast process, without any coding involved.

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Comprehensive Video Analytics

Tools to collect, analyse, understand, and act upon the data collected from your audience’s engagement with your interactive videos.

AI / Smart Hotspots & Overlays

Use object & motion detection , object tracking machine learning algorithms to create smart interactive video solutions.

Open Development Environment

Cinema8 widget development architecture & open development environment provides users with exceptional flexibility and a developer-driven ecosystem.

Enterprise Grade Video Streaming

Video CDN, VOD, Live Streaming, 360 Video, OTT, Dynamic Audio/Subtitle management and more with Enterprise Grade security options.

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