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Generate leads and grow your business with interactive videos

Unleash the power of intelligent marketing to make your brand shine, with in-video lead generation forms and insightful customer analytics.


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Cinema8 lets you create interactive videos which integrate highly effective lead generation features

Supersize Your Lead Generation

Integrate highly effective lead generation features, including:

Lead generation

Generate leads within your videos and integrate with CRM , GTM , or any in house solutions.

Callback & Contact forms

Receive feedback directly from the audience on their video experience

Badges, Coupons and, Rewards

Use gamification mechanics within your videos for higher levels of engagement and improved retention

Advanced analytics & statistics

Learn who your current and potential customers are and boost your marketing ROI.


of people say they’ve been convinced to buy a product or service by watching a brand’s video


billion was generated by the digital video content sector in


of people increased their consumption of video content in 2021

Interactive Video - The Marketing Game-Changer

Videos are the future of content marketing. It’s already the most popular content marketing format, they boost your website’s traffic and sales conversions, and the have the biggest impact on brand awareness. Cinema8 helps you tap this enormous potential with state-of-the-art tools to enhance your interactive video content, making it gripping, irresistible, and engaging for all your target audience.

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Marketing & Sales

Enhance Your Advertising Options

Tired of the usual, predictable ads? So is your audience. That is why Cinema8 helps you integrate interactive elements into your advertising videos, making them stand out and grab the viewer’s attention at one glance. Turn the usual passive ad experience into a journey for the viewer, let him share his thoughts with you, and build brand awareness faster.

Platform Overview
Cinema8 Marketing & Sales

Marketing & Sales

Learn Everything About Your Customer.

Cinema8’s interactive video integrations are designed for ultimate customer and prospect knowledge, and include:

  • Survey forms
  • Questionnaires
  • CRM integrated Lead Generaiton Forms
  • Brand awareness survey
  • Product review surveys
  • Customer service/experience forms

Learn immediately what your customers know and should know about your brand, informing effectively your marketing effort, content strategy, and advertising strategy.

Platform Overview