Shoppable Videos

Affordable and professional shoppable videos with zero coding experience needed

Enhance your ecommerce website’s sales funnels, buyer experience, and conversion rates with Cinema8’s easy to use drag and drop studio, ready to use widget library, and customised branding solutions.


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Cinema8 lets you create interactive videos which integrate highly effective lead generation features


Make modern and smart shoppable videos - in hours and with zero coding experience needed.

AI powered Interactive Shoppable Videos

Use cinema8's built-in object & motion detection AI algorithms to create smart interactive products.

Easy E-Commerce Integrations

Integrate your shoppable videos with any E-Commerce platform with Webhooks & advanced API's

Insightful E-Commerce Data

See how much viewers watch your video in percentage and seconds,analyze product and audience heatmaps, view rates, interactivity reports and more.

360 / AR / VR support

Add interactivity elements into 360° videos and publish them within any AR-VR environment.

Increased Brand Recognition

An estimated 7 in 10 people react positively and develop stronger emotional connections to a brand after watching a shoppable video

Stronger Buyer Influence

80% of millennials use videos to make purchasing choices, making shoppable video the ideal choices to channel this leading demographic.

Greater Market Penetration

With 5 billion videos streamed on ly on YouTube every day, shoppable videos can reach more viewers and more potential customers.

Higher Conversion Rates

Shoppable videos convert more views into buys than traditional advertising, promotional videos, and static product images.


With shoppable videos you can better target your ideal customer demographic, helping boost conversions and sales.

Use Cinema8’s drag and drop interface, extensive widget library, and data analytics suite to unleash all the potential of personalised videos.

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Smart Interactive Shoppable Videos

Shoppable Videos

Smart Interactive Shoppable Videos

Let your viewers add your products to a basket in the video and buy them with one click - turning interactive fun for them into sales for you. By adding product information to your video, you give your viewers a reliable, trustworthy, and effective buying experience.

Platform Overview
Easy E-Commerce Integrations

E-Commerce Integrations

Easy E-Commerce Integrations

If you have an existing ecommerce store, or use a major ecommerce platform (Shopify, Wix, etc.), Cinema8 will seamlessly integrate it within our platform. That means that your interactive videos on Cinema8 will connect directly with your store’s cart and checkout functions, for a smooth customer buying journey.

Platform Overview

Harness the power of interactive video. Speak to a sales specialist to learn how Cinema8 solutions can help to grow your business

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Interactive Shoppable 360° Videos

360° / VR

360° / VR Video Capabilities

Turn any shopping video into an immersive 360° experience, where the viewer can view, interact with, and purchase your products.

Platform Overview
Insightful E-Commerce Data

Data is power

Insightful E-Commerce Data

Cinema8’s analytics platform will let you know instantly what products are being added from your video, who is adding them, who is leaving the cart (for re-marketing purposes), and who is buying them - at a glance. You can then download this data and inform your marketing and video content strategy to boost your conversions and sales.

Platform Overview