Transparent is the one that allows the light to pass through without scattering; It is used in the fields of physics and chemistry. It is a translucent medium that clearly shows the objects behind it.

You can make the background of the pictures transparent in the Paint program, which comes embedded in all Windows operating systems, including Windows 10.

1- First, open the Start button and type Paint in the search box and run the Paint program.

2- Transfer any photo you want to Paint program.

3- Go to the Picture section and click the Select button and click Freeform selection from the drop-down menu.


4- In order to make the background transparent, the Transparent selection option in the same menu must also be checked.
After choosing Free-form selection, carefully select the actual object (item or person) in the picture to surround it. But while making this selection, do not take your hand off the left mouse button and select the object by wandering around until you return to the starting point.

This will create a rectangular line around the object. Now all you have to do is right-click anywhere on the image and select Cut.
Then open the other picture to which you will paste this cut object and paste it anywhere on the picture by clicking the CTRL + V hotkey.

Thus, your image becomes transparent.